What Is Radio Blackout?

Scritto dasu 12 Febbraio 2014

Radio Blackout is an independent, self-financed radio broadcaster based in Torino, Italy since 1992, whose focus has from the start been the diffusion of revolutionary ideals and support for the struggle against social and economic inequality. Radio Blackout is explicitly, fundamentally and unequivocally anti-fascist, anti-racist and anti-sexist. The revolutionary spirit of Radio Blackout is reflected in the way the radio is run: there is no distinction between decision-makers and those who carry out policies and practices determined collectively, by all those who assume an active role in the process. Members meet weekly to discuss proposals and all that regards the day-to-day demands of what it takes to run an independent radio station, including broadcast content, financing issues and the causes we support – along with more practical considerations, like who’s going to be part of the clean-up team after one of our fun-raising concerts.

Radio Blackout covers operating costs (rent, telephone and electric bills, the purchase and  maintenance of equipment) through donations and a wide range of fun-raising events, which include concerts, dinners, and more, designed to offer our listeners and supporters stimulating and enjoyable cultural opportunities, and a chance to get together with old friends and make new ones: they are open to the public. Our dedication to this unique and creative approach means that Radio Blackout broadcasts commercial-free 24/7, on air and online with information and music rarely available in the mainstream media, in stark contrast to a society whose bulwarks have for too long been oppression in all its various forms, the division of roles, and market- and profit-driven ideals. Any public funding that we may accept comes strictly on a no-strings-attached basis: Radio Blackout provides no voice whatsoever for government institutions, political parties or sponsors of any kind. Nor is content geared toward trends and popular topics the mainstream media is rife with.  When you turn on Radio Blackout, besides a whirlwind of great music from all genres, you’re likely to get insightful information on the latest protests and social conflicts, in Italy, Europe and beyond, issues regarding prisons, psychiatry, the condition of women, immigration, the environment, animal rights, just to name a few.

Radio Blackout’s dynamic format with regard to program scheduling is another crucial aspect. Program hosts receive no payment for their efforts, and programming is round the clock, with shows that usually run a couple hours each, on the average. Some hosts focus more on information, others focus almost exclusively on music – always a barrage of challenging and refreshing variety that is sure to provoke, stimulate and entertain listeners, who incidentally are not just political activists or disgruntled students, but potentially people from all walks of life interested in keeping in touch with what’s happening in the world around them – and hearing what they don’t get from mainstream media.

Programs are conducted prevalently in Italian.

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