Backwards del 4 maggio 2019



Il podcast di Backwards di sabato 4 maggio 2019.


  • Lene Lovich “Lucky Number”
  • Strawberry Switchblade “Michael Who Walks By Night”
  • Rose McDowall “This Calling”
  • Patience “The Girls Are Chewing Gum”
  • Killing Joke “Kings And Queens”
  • Lead Into Gold “Hard Won Decay”
  • Rhys Fulber & Blush Response “Corruption Of Form”
  • Rhys Fulber & Blush Response “Federal Republic”
  • Private Press “.370”
  • Private Press “Risky”
  • Plush Managements Inc. “Plush Egg”
  • Ryan James Ford “The Value Of Nothing”
  • Ishome “Ken Tavr”
  • Ebola Ape “Evil Cyrus”
  • Forxst “Black Sand”
  • Death In Rome “Firestarter” (con Niel Mitra, cover dei Prodigy)



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