Il podcast di Backwards del 18 marzo 2023




La puntata di Backwards di sabato 18 marzo 2023, con queste tracce:

  • Soft Kill “Congratulations Text”
  • Wisteria “Wormhole”
  • Chain Of Flowers “Amphetamine Luck”
  • Chain Of Flowers “Serving Purpose”
  • Constant Smiles “In My Heart”
  • Leggy “Peach”
  • Years Of Denial “Human You Scare Me”
  • Roswell Brothers “1984” (con Susie C)
  • Stereoskop “Under”
  • ElektroTerapi “Duel”
  • Ashes Fallen “At The End Of All Things”
  • October Burns Black “Divide And Conquer”
  • Schonwald “Sleepy Destiny”
  • Who Saw Her Die? “One Last Gift”
  • Dark Narrows “Something I Can Crawl Into”
  • Diary Of Dreams “Beyond The Void”
  • Psyche “Goodbye Horses” (cover di Q Lazzarus)




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