Il podcast di Backwards del 2.11.2019


La puntata di Backwards del 2 novembre 2019.


  • Graham Gouldman “Bionic Boar”
  • Miss Nicky Trax “Sweet Sensation”
  • The Danse Society “My Heart”
  • Eartheater “Inclined”
  • Abyss X “Lyrical Waxing”
  • Ghosting “Lion King”
  • Dark Day “No, Nothing, Never”
  • Sally Dige “Forget Me”
  • Lyncelia “Diamonds”
  • Wild Swans “Bringing Home The Ashes”
  • Boys Don’t Cry “I Wanna Be A Cowboy”
  • Soma Holiday “Shake Your Molecules”
  • B-Movie “Remembrance Day”
  • Wire Train “Chamber Of Hellos”
  • Eyeless In Gaza “No Perfect Stranger”
  • Them Are Us Too “Eudaemonia”
  • Spotlight Kid “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” (cover dei Simple Minds)


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