Il podcast di Backwards del 21 novembre 2020




La registrazione della puntata di Backwards di sabato 21.11.2020, con queste selezioni:

  • Dead Or Alive “I’m Falling”
  • Clever Lines “After The Snow Melts”
  • Negative Image “Not This Way Master”
  • The Wild Swans “Whirlpool Heart”
  • The March Violets “Religious As Hell”
  • The March Violets “Dandelion King”
  • Keller Kinder “Black Sabbaticals”
  • Machinery Of Desire “Raven Angel”
  • Anum Preto “Luto”
  • Qual “Luxurious Bleedings”
  • Korine “Heaven’s Servant”
  • Sagitario “Orpheus”
  • Hexvessel “Demian”
  • Thala “Serenade”
  • Jaguar Sun “Next Year”
  • Cemeteries “Nightjar”
  • This Mortal Coil “Song To The Siren” (cover di Tim Buckley)



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