Il podcast di Backwards del 22 settembre 2018


La puntata di Backwards del 22.09.2018, con questi brani:

  • Mateis E. Aqir “Chimbo Ra”
  • Mateis E. Aqir “Emisor Edo”
  • Traumprinz “Untitled”
  • Klartraum “What Lies Within”
  • Harrison BDP “It’s Foggy Outside”
  • Amotik “Neela”
  • Pris “Velvet Lips”
  • Bragolin “Into Those Woods”
  • A.D. Mana “Body of Glass”
  • Low Factor “Yellow”
  • Semiotics Department of Heteronyms “Tell Them”
  • Holygram “Still There”
  • Holygram “Daria”
  • Deftones “Drive” (cover dei The Cars)


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