Quel Che Resta Della Notte / 30-08-2020



Zu- the drawing moon of the mind
Modo koagon & theutis galore – reel entropy
Moor mother – shadowgrams
Sainth Abdullah – an intimate distance
Salac – euphoria
Relapse – dreiiams
Olivia mutant john x wrong travolta – a walk in september
KL/BE/DH/RS – land
Yokel ft Franco Franco & d ham – pappas got a brand new cornea
Kinlaw & Franco Franco – cuore molle palle mosce
Sandy Lynch – schway dub
El mahdy jr- ghost tapes (b side)
Saint abdullah- potion for sorrow
Raja kirik – kubro
Half nelson- sweet sensation
Dr.travis ft stevens marksbury – workshop
Lil asaf- mbakal
All Times Now nothing – television
Dj die soon – spiralfrau
Shackleton & Waclaw Zimpel – Ruined future brutal
Silver apples – water
Pleasure principle-orange wasp
Souharce- twerk de peter et marina dans la pelouse
Dip friso-Bad apple
Ayahuasca tasting rooms-Glissando with gongs
Tomas tello- Danza del monito
Wukir suriyadi-Solo performance in Bali
Claudio rocchetti – the letter
Beatriz ferreyra- deux dents dehors
Treausury of puppets- ett tredje vakuum
Suuns & jerusalem in my hearth – in touch
Andrea taeggi
Konca taniec- 67
Marlon williams- love is a terrible thing

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