Backwards del 14 maggio 2022



La puntata di Backwards di sabato 14.5.2022, con questi brani:

  • Astari Nite “Unfulfilled Promise”
  • Jeremy Bastard & Nite Kat “Heavens Down”
  • Les Longs Adieux “1983”
  • Dual Image “Dormant Chambers”
  • Doors In The Labyrinth “Dead Stars”
  • Dead Serpent “Destruction” (con Binzatina)
  • Bestial Mouths “I Am The Spell”
  • Lucrecia Dalt “Venutian Offspring”
  • Drew McDowall “Agalma II” (con Caterina Barbieri)
  • Puce Mary “Gaba For Medea”
  • IV Horsemen “Magnetic Rose”
  • SDH “Maybe A Body”
  • Skemer “Sunseeker”
  • Minuit Machine “Basic Needs”
  • Meat Injection “Hang Me, Love Me”
  • Anticorpi “Curami/Heal Me” (cover dei CCCP)



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