Backwards del 25 luglio 2020



La registrazione della puntata di Backwards andata in onda sabato 25/7/2020, con questi brani:

  • Wire “Kidney Bingos”
  • Echo And The Bunnymen “Lips Like Sugar”
  • Dead Famous People “Little Flashes Of Yesterday”
  • Dead Famous People “Postcard From Paradise”
  • Alastair Riddell “Zero”
  • The Psychedelic Furs “Heaven”
  • Boom Boom Room “Here Comes The Man”
  • Pet Shop Boys “Always On My Mind”
  • Peter Murphy “Cuts You Up”
  • The Cure “A Forest”
  • Pylon “Cool”
  • Phantómódel “Solitude”
  • Blancmange “Blind Vision”
  • Whispering Sons “Midlife”
  • Germany Germany “On Your Own”
  • Jakuzi “Geriye Dönemiyor”
  • Akul’i Slozy “Na Zakate”
  • M!R!M “Avoid”
  • Jesu “Because Of You”
  • JK Flesh “Nothing Is Free”
  • Love Spirals Downwards “City Moon”
  • Phaeleh “The Mist”
  • Sound Of Peace “The Unknown”
  • Emancipator “Ghost Pong”
  • Thriftworks “Safety Test”
  • Clocolan “A Time Will Not Pass”
  • Scanner “The Fall Of Gray”
  • CloZee “Heya”
  • Totem “Infinite Ways”
  • Man Rei “Idioteque” (cover dei Radiohead)



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