Backwards del 28.11.2020



Il podcast della puntata di Backwards andata in onda sabato 28 novembre 2020.


  • Kas:st “Vtopia”
  • Tracing Xircles “Pressure Release”
  • Tracing Xircles “Transmission”
  • BXTR “Biomecanism”
  • Myler “Whip Shanked”
  • Cliche Morph “Exorcist”
  • Inigo Kennedy “Plaintive”
  • Kangding Ray “Purple Phase”
  • Burial Hex “The Survival Of Memory”
  • Sixth June “Back For A Day”
  • Boy Harsher “Yr Body Is Nothing”
  • Sally Dige “Sail To Me”
  • Western Electrique “Eh ! Toi La Ville”
  • Diaframma “Diamante Grezzo”
  • Marlene Kuntz “Siberia” (cover dei Diaframma)




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