Backwards – Podcast del 13.10.2018


La puntata di Backwards del 13.10.2018.

  • Wreck And Reference “Closer You Are”
  • Wreck And Reference “Game Of Pricks”
  • Rune Bagge “No Tomorrow”
  • Clark Bach “Trein Generatie”
  • Jeroen Search “Rubidium”
  • Gaga “Penalty”
  • Deadbeat “Steve And Fatima”
  • Maximum Joy “Silent Street / Silent Dub”
  • Rexy “Running Out Of Time”
  • Shmu “Your Favorite God”
  • Shmu “Hololeaps”
  • Saâda Bonaire “More Women”
  • Roosevelt “Teardrops” (cover di Womack & Womack)


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