Backwards – Podcast del 7 gennaio 2023



La puntata di Backwards andata in onda sabato 7 gennaio 2023.


  • Akasha System “Distant Blue”
  • Anastasia Zems “Out Of Context”
  • Tech Support “Transistor”
  • Mars Man Mutant “Extraterrestrials”
  • Tangerine “Chaos HQ”
  • Apostrophe “Past II”
  • Half A Map “Loschmidt’s Paradox”
  • Neonnoone “For A Film”
  • Blessed Are The Hearts That Bend “Into The Void”
  • Nurse With Wound “The Self Sufficient Sexual Shoe”
  • Bestial Mouths “Faceless”
  • God Destruction “Cyborg”
  • Leæther Strip “Going Out West” (cover di Tom Waits)




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