canti magnetici presenta*STRANI FIORI: Italian freak folk, psych and drone music 2005 – 2010 @ qcrdn

Donato Epiro – Rubisco / Ombra Marina

Maurizio Abate – Untitled 2 (Mystic Strings cdr album, Troglosound 2007)

Alberorovesciato – Barefooted Adventures In The Ring Snake’s Territory, Marshy (Tigers On Acid In The Hell Of The Brushwood, cd album, Singing Knives 2009)

Caligine – Malia di Luglio (Minimalia, Vol. 2 cdr mini album, Monstres Par Excès 2009)

Neokarma Jooklo Trio – Solar Exodus Part II (Solar Vision LP, Qbico 2007)

Golden Cup – Ursula Maior (Kaleidopea casette C20, Digitalis Limited 2009)

Harps Of Fuchsia Kalmia – Frammenti Di Una Sconfitta Sulla Strada Di Casa (In Memory Of Luciano Cilio) (Burning With Your Old Joy In The Terminal Sun cd album, Ikuisuus 2009)

Donato Epiro – Rubisco Rossa (Unreleased track 2007)

We Wait for the Snow – Tribute (Split with Family Battle Snake cdr, Centre of Wood 2008)

Estasy – Tree of Dead (Estasy cdr album, Ikuisuus 2008)

Dona Ferentes – Peligros (Untitled, cdr album, Lonktaar 2010)

Suburban Howl – Untitled (Psychic Basement, self released cassette 2008)

Fabio Orsi & Valerio Cosi – We Could For Hours: Part One (We Could For Hours, cd album, A Silent Place 2008)

ThrouRoof – (…)Sinking (It’s Raining Over Memory At 7 P.M. cdr album, Ruralfaune 2007)

Sun Araw – Thoughts Are Bells
Bear Bones, Lay Low – Crystal Poppies



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