Il podcast di Backwards del 17.2.2024



La puntata di Backwards andata in onda sabato 17 febbraio 2024, con questi brani:

  • Hairdressa “Somehow It Feels Important”
  • Hairdressa “Anything Like Us”
  • Hairdressa “Palms In The Snow”
  • Portishead “Sheared Times”
  • Chelsea Wolfe “Everything Turns Blue”
  • Kaelte “Dunkelgrünes Moos”
  • Seelenthron “Am Morgen”
  • Cineastre “Die Wand”
  • Sowulo “Brego In Brēoste”
  • A Tergo Lupi “Fade Under”
  • Suldusk “Aphasia”
  • Lisieux “Adrift”
  • Peace Through Decay “Constant Apocalypse”
  • Autumn Brigade “In Decline”
  • King Dude & Chelsea Wolfe “Bed On Fire”
  • The Dead South “Down The Road”
  • Takapotku “Sandstorm” (cover di Darude)






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