Il podcast di Backwards del 20 gennaio 2024




La registrazione dell’episodio di Backwards di sabato 20.01.2024, con questi brani:

  • Slowdive “Shanty”
  • Whitelands “Tell Me About It” (con Dottie)
  • Hibou “Night Fell”
  • A Transition “Dark Ambitions And Bright Lights” (con Gina)
  • Mindslide “Collide”
  • The Art Intel “In The Theatre”
  • Dechakhal “Sombras”
  • Social Station “Echo Chamber”
  • Salvia Palth “I Was All Over Her”
  • Fluid Ghost “Sweaty Back
  • Plastic Ivy “Images”
  • Harsh Symmetry “Glass Tears”
  • Comfort Cure “Isole”
  • Ultra Sunn “This Is Not About You”
  • Years Of Denial “Mr. Guillotine”
  • Revenge Body “The Body”
  • Ortrotasce “Seeing Red”
  • Abigail “Losing My Religion” (cover dei R.E.M.)




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