Il podcast di Backwards del 28.12.2019



La puntata di Backwards del 28 dicembre 2019.


  • Aphex Twin “Xtal”
  • 1-800 Girls “U, Me And Madonna”
  • Kiasmos “Thrown”
  • Ben Buitendijk “Promised Land”
  • Claro Intelecto “Peace Of Mind”
  • Global Goon “Koolevbrntg”
  • D.K. “Storm Of Steel”
  • Vegyn “It’s Nice To Be Alive”
  • Domenique Dumont “Sans Cesse, Mon Chéri”
  • East Wall “Ice Of Fire”
  • Kindest Lines “Running Into Next Year”
  • Selebrities “Secret Garden”
  • 3Teeth “Pumped Up Kicks” (cover dei Foster The People)



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