Il podcast di Backwards del 7 settembre 2019



La puntata di Backwards andata in onda sabato 7.9.2019, con questi brani:


  • Fever Ray “Keep The Streets Empty For Me”
  • Tenhi “Sutoi”
  • Wardruna “Solringen”
  • Ekstasis “Pride”
  • Sea Wolves Of The Atlantic “The Mouth To Hell Is The Atlantic Ocean”
  • Chelsea Wolfe “Flatlands”
  • Neroche “Take The Sun”
  • Drew McDowall “Rhizome”
  • Leech “Phoenix9V”
  • Leech “Bit Rot”
  • East Wall “Silence”
  • Neon “The Same Ritual”
  • Midge Ure “The Man Who Sold The World” (cover di David Bowie)




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