Il podcast di Backwards di sabato 9 marzo 2019



La registrazione della puntata di Backwards andata in onda il 9.3.2019.

  • INXS “Don’t Change”
  • Sisters Of Mercy “This Corrosion”
  • Eleven Pond “Portugal”
  • Secession “The Magician”
  • Icehouse “Icehouse”
  • Selofan “Tristesse”
  • Cold Cave “Promised Land”
  • Amadeus Vegas “All I Can Give”
  • Goo Munday “Start A Fire”
  • Front 242 “Headhunter”
  • Ness “Trancemigration”
  • Vatican Shadow “Chopper Crash Marines’ Names Released”
  • Martina Lussi “Black Opium”
  • Martina Lussi “Expectation Or Obsession”
  • Martina Lussi “Anarchy For Her”
  • Xorcist “1999” (cover di Prince)



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