L’episodio di Backwards del 6 luglio 2019



La puntata di Backwards andata in onda sabato 6 luglio 2019, con queste selezioni:

  • French 79 “After Party”
  • Mark Alow “Trip To The Lonely Planet”
  • Altstadt Echo “We Feel Like Rust”
  • Imugem Orihasam “Anacasico”
  • Primal Code “The North Path”
  • Xhin “Vision Electrified”
  • Lars Huismann “Momentum”
  • TAKA “Cry, Cry”
  • Loess “Nomon”
  • Boy Harsher “Face The Fire”
  • Pet Shop Boys “Fluorescent”
  • Covenant “Bullet”
  • BlutEngel “Send Me An Angel” (cover dei Real Life)


Radio Blackout 105.25

One station against the nation

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