L’episodio di Backwards di sabato 6.2.2021



Qui sotto il podcast di Backwards del 6 febbraio 2021, con queste selezioni:

  • Luke Vibert “Fused Into Music”
  • Tricky “Overcome”
  • Tricky “Pumpkin”
  • Bowery Electric “Fear Of Flying”
  • Crustation & Bronagh Slevin “Purple”
  • Mudville “The Hero Of The World”
  • Jeff Klein “Like Leads To Lonely”
  • Kalahysteri “Mountain”
  • John Meeks “Been Down By Love”
  • Blanche “Do You Trust Me?”
  • 16 Horsepower “Train Serenade”
  • Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove “Devil Winds”
  • Lydia Lunch & Cypress Grove “Sandpit”
  • Roselit Bone “Proving Grounds”
  • Antic Clay “Center Of The Night”
  • Antic Clay “Brother Wolf Sister Moon” (cover dei Cult)




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