Quel che resta della notte 10/01/21


Deison & mingle – everything collapse(d)
Nadiah el shazly – sekket el amwal
Brothers of the occult sisterhood- hard to navigate
Samuli tanner- yhteisen naaman ilme
Silver bullets- Monday morning in Ragusa
Staraya derevnya- inwards opened the floor
Low- dancing and blood / Ricardo donoso- by conspiracy or design
Laszlo Hortobagy- Balinese gat
Space afrika- craze
Selaxon lutberg- cold house of love
Soho Rezanejad – surrender
Hiiro Isshiki – for language to come
Sandy lynch- schway dub
Group A – repeat and destroy
Family underground- pariah bitch
Hair & treasure – how so control
Jonquera – artisou
Duma – angels and abysses
Craxi driver – tossic park
Zaliva-D – netherworld orgies
Hlm38 – celebration du coq
Saint Abdullah – haqq
Bellows- 05 / Jacqueline George- untitled / Duaweh – toam
Luca vanitucci
La fureur de vouivre- par terre, un defilè de chenilles processionnaires
Sun city girls – el solo
Eartheather- bringing me back
Ai aso – floating rhythms
Grouper- moving machine
Babau- into the gassy surface

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