Quel Che Resta Della Notte / 13-12-2020

Kink gong – xinjiang
Metabolismus und fifty fifty – a circle inside a square inside a circle
Varkenshond – phopa pajirra
Entourage music, theatre ensemble – space needle suicide
Berrocal Fenech Epplay – exterior lux
Michal Olczak – pociag do bialegostoku
Larry young- khalid of space
Gnod & joao Filipe – faca de terra
HHY & the macumbas- lewopa de kristal
Shit and shine – rat snake
Heat leisure- IV
Roy and the devil’s motorcycle – good morning blues / lay in the sun
Sir Richard bishop- vellum
Moor mother – private silence
Flux of pink Indians- poem
Maral – they not they feat. Penny Rimbaud
Holiday inn – black sun
Andre uhl – talking head
Monokultur- sex javla ben
Kohier- begot
Can – a swan is born

Radio Blackout 105.25

One station against the nation

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