San Francisco still freaks after all these years

In san Francisco – life goes on. Hopes rises and dreams flicker and die. Love plans for tomorrow and loneliness of yesterday. Life is beautiful and living is pain. The sound of music floats down a dark street. A young girl looks out a window and wishes she were married. A drunk sleeps under a bridge. It is Tomorrow.
Outsider in missione gonzo sulla costa ovest. Neuroni pochi e risorse scarse, dello special di quasi 3 ore vi lascio quel che mi ricordo. Per il resto non mollate blackout!
Falling in love in Frisco: the bridtree – orchards and caravans, .The Sandwitches – mrs Jones cookies, Sonny & The Sunsets – tomorrow is alright
City Lights: Kelley Stoltz – crockodials, The Skygreen Leopards – Jeovah i Surrender, Royal Baths – Litanies,
Super chili flavor: Sic Alps – A long way around the shortcuts, the ohsees – 3 and 4, The Grass Magic – self titled, Al Lover – distorted reverberations of al lover,  Giant Skyflower Band – Blood of the Sunworm


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