Arsider Open Night – Prototox#2 Self Toxification | gio 20 sett

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Arsider Open Night presenta: ProTo-ToX #2 | SELF TOXIFICATION- international harsh noise gathering

Giovedì 20 | H.21.00 | Dal vivo e in diretta sui 105.25 FM

una maratona di musiche estreme dal mondo | urla belluine – violenza percussiva | feedbacks | tortura

contro le frontiere, le barriere, le preghiere | il rumore ti riduce ad un povero cristo.

SELF TOXICATION Kazeito Seki (JP) – self inflicted voice vivisection
His live performances center on mouth/vocal + contact mics in a confrontational torturous, feedback-laden compositions carving ambitious sonic explorations of noise suffering, trapping the listener in discomforting, grinding passages.

Ole Mofjell (NO) on drums & Henrik Pultz Malbye (DK) on sax
non-idiomatic improvvisation

Utku Tavil – no-input desk

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