Funk Terror @El Paso occupato 20 ottobre

Informazioni evento
Data: 20 Ottobre 2018
Time: 22:30


Radio Blackout 105.250 + El Paso Occupato presentano un concerto imperdibile; Sabato 20 Ottobre dalle 22.30 dal vivo e per la prima volta in Italia:

Golden Oriole (Leftfield skronky funk noise) – (NOR)
“Experimental mix of Math Rock and leftfield lofi electronica. Dense textured and interesting pieces landing somewhere quirky noisynes and some Kraut in there percussion with a skronky funk feeling within.

Gaute Valvatne Granli (outsider music) – NOR
1950s reverb on the drums singing delivered in that echoed “haunted” tone which characterises the best garage records of 1960s punk, with no concessions made to conventional production techniques and plenty of rough edges and unfinished surfaces to further excite the listener.

Brain Pussyfication presents BEEEASTZ V.2 0999 – UR.ANUS

The deadliest fastest thing you’ve ever witnessed is about to land, detonate and get back to Ur-Anus. Believe it or not.

+ All Nite |||| TROPICAL NIGHTMARE ||||
Tropical Fever crew from Radio Blackout 105.250 has put his marimbas away. For tonite a mindblowing trip into the 4th worlds of your mind.

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