THE ANOMALYS(olanda)+Paula666DjSet

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NON C’E’ 2 SENZA 2!! Altra bomba from SLOVENLY RECORDINGS!!
Da Amsterdam
Amsterdam’s shattered punk destroyers
Our team of vigilante harbingers of trash is currently composed of fellow mutants: Remi Lucas and French maestro-bator Looch Vibrato, notorious for his work in the garage punk outfit MAGNETIX – two worthy men if any to join our reptilian hero Bone on his quest for imminent meltdown. “Trooper” is an absolute ripper that kicks the door in and is clearly a bold statement: “The Anomalys are still going strong and in fine form,” while “Fire In the Hole” is an explosive mindfucker set to leave you in a daze. On the flipside, “My Own Way” blasts perfectly in a melodic disharmony, and the EP ends with the ass-clinchingly tight “Anomalyphant.” You’re not gonna need to go record shopping anytime soon… just keep flipping this lightning hot slab ‘til your mind melts!

dopo il concerto si balla con le selezioni di PAULA666!!

Radio Blackout 105.25

One station against the nation

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