Sinister Six + Kelvins – This is still the motorcity vol.7

Informazioni evento
Data: 9 Novembre 2018
Time: 22:30

Radio Blackout 105.250 presenta un concerto imperdibile
dagli USA il ritorno di una band che ha scritto la storia
The Sinister Six

Sinister Six was formed in 1992 by guitarist James Burdyshaw, formerly of 64 Spiders, Yummy and Catt Butt, the last two of which both have eMpTy 7″ singles to their credit. Other members of Sinister Six included Doug White on vocals, Mark Ferkingstad on bass and Eric Hildahl on drums. Together their sound was the trademarked garage-rock sound Seattle is known for mixed with punk and a blues element. Besides their eMpTy releases, they also have a few 7″ers and another LP on Get Hip. They toured relentlessly, including a famed European tour in 1994 where James was heard by at least one reporter to claim that it was he who introduced Courtney Love to Kurt Cobain at a Nirvana show, thus cementing his small part in the fame of the legendary Seattle music scene.

con loro sul palco / non palco della blackout house

inizio concerti ore 22.30 puntuali
ingresso up to you per sostenere Radio Blackout 105.250 dal 1992, l’unica radio libera di Torino. Non fate gli spilorci.

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