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In attesa di varcare le soglie della ragionevolezza i conduttori ci regalano 90 minuti di anteprima del Maasdam, raduno informale per lo scioglimento del formaggio audio che si terrà giovedì 13 settembre nella Blackout House.
Cagatevi addosso.

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Arsider Open Night ProTo-ToX #1 | MAASDAM – dutch harsh noise and cheese melting gathering”  con:

Boris Scorpio
The new alter ego of the legendary Gameboys A Gogo, who is reknown for raving up the crowd, pumping huge beats from tiny devices, his gameboys. A trip through his wicked universe with pulsating drones and psyched out rhythms. Modular synth vs
Gameboy extravaganza.This is gonna be a massive electronic workout, mudular rave!!

Ameeting between Hein Verhoeven and Anna Sophie de Vries and is a musical ode to, and applause for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Lourdes is about the dualistic world and offers psychedelic and interdimensional alternative worlds.

Frank Vis is a Amsterdam based, very active Noise Artist, Label owner and Performer, known for unpredictible set ups, uncountable numbers of collaborations and a high vary of sound shapes, ranging for quiet and subtle soundscapes to harshest noise walls.

Her set sounds like that scene from a war movie where everyone got blown up and you are hobbling across the battlefield like a half deaf soldier.

H.a Van Hees

MNE, a noise activist, formerly known as S.N.o.T (StiffNippleOfTerror) started off her very solo NOISE act, besides being the one&only FCKN’BSTRD

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