Backwards del 20 novembre 2021



La puntata di Backwards di sabato 20.11.2021.

  • Bootblacks “The Jealous Star”
  • Shad Shadows “Daydream Monster”
  • Credit 00 “New Tech Swing”
  • VH x RR “Heavenly Outline”
  • David Carretta “Come Here Come Down”
  • Risk Risk “Scientists”
  • Soft Riot “Lovers In A Dangerous Time” (cover di Bruce Cockburn)
  • Ritual Veil “How I Like It”
  • Fontaine SMC “Another Day Another End”
  • Marcus Whale “Portal”
  • Young Ejecta “Cheese”
  • Thylacine “Olatu”
  • Oqbqbo “Linen Streams”
  • Portion Control “Traitor”
  • Red Mecca “Into Prayer” (con KMRS)
  • Tamaryn “Angels Of Sweat”
  • Tamaryn “Path To Love”
  • Emika “Wonderful Life” (cover di Black)



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