Backwards del 25.9.2021


Il podcast di Backwards di sabato 25 settembre 2021.


  • Bad Sector “Baikonur”
  • Jaijiu “Que Llueva”
  • Haus Arafna “Deine Liebe”
  • Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad and John Cale “Trance #2”
  • Lustmord & Karin Park “Song Of Sol”
  • Maëror Tri “Res Magnifica”
  • Oval “Textuell”
  • Rapoon “All Criminals”
  • Cyclobe “Brightness Falls From The Air”
  • Tangerine Dream “Le Parc (L.A. Streethawk)”
  • Godflesh “Whose Truth Is Your Truth”
  • High-Functioning Flesh “Self Management”
  • Claire Voyant “Deep”
  • The Tear Garden “Romulus And Venus”
  • The Tear Garden “Tear Garden”
  • In My Rosary “You Know Nothing”
  • The Birthday Massacre “Pins And Needles”
  • The Birthday Massacre “Under Your Spell”
  • Anticipation “SSSSA”
  • Diary Of Dreams “Butterfly Dance”
  • Depeche Mode “Shake The Disease”
  • VNV Nation “God Of All”
  • VNV Nation “Control”
  • Blaqk Audio “Stiff Kittens”
  • Otto Dix “Antichrist”
  • Zeraphine “Be My Rain”
  • Lovataraxx “Automatic” (cover degli Absolute Body Control)


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