Backwards – La puntata del 13.4.2019


L’episodio di Backwards andato in onda sabato 13 aprile 2019.


  • VOWWS “One or the Other”
  • Replicant “Nightmover”
  • Dear Denizen “BEC”
  • DJ Khalab “Colonisation Scientifique”
  • DJ Khalab “Juju Friendship In Buturo” (con Clap Clap)
  • Nihiloxica “Diggi Dagga”
  • Nihiloxica “Ding Ding”
  • Wychdoktor “Catharsis”
  • Rufus Mule “Sagittal Crest”
  • Akkord “Channel Drift”
  • Nathan Moody “Extinction Object”
  • Karmaâ “Orient Calling”
  • Asonat “Where The Heart Lives”
  • Nouela “The Sound Of Silence” (cover di Simon & Garfunkel)



Radio Blackout 105.25

One station against the nation

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