Backwards – La puntata del 6 marzo 2021



Qui sotto la registrazione della puntata di Backwards del 6.3.2021, con questi brani:

  • Nine Inch Nails “This Isn’t The Place”
  • Skinny Puppy “Testure”
  • Skinny Puppy “Pro-Test”
  • Sister Machine Gun “Better Than Me”
  • Lords Of Acid “Out Comes The Evil”
  • Lords Of Acid “The Crablouse”
  • Dance With The Dead “Only A Dream”
  • Woob “Altered States”
  • Datagirl “Puella”
  • The Rain Within “Hungry Like The Wolf”
  • Male Tears “Chained Up”
  • Lene Lovich “New Toy”
  • Six Billion Monkeys “Six Billion Monkeys”
  • Rubicon “Watch Without Pain”
  • English Evenings “Those Brilliant Teens”
  • Icehouse “Great Southern Land”
  • Sex Gang Children “Death Mask Mussolini”
  • Saigon Blue Rain “Nutshell (cover degli Alice In Chains)



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