Il podcast di Backwards di sabato 11 maggio 2019


La puntata di Backwards di sabato 11 maggio 2019, con queste selezioni musicali:

  • Mathew Ferness “At First Sight”
  • 23rd Underpass “Beautiful Years”
  • 23rd Underpass “I Feel Alright”
  • Harrison BDP “Last Flight To Wherever”
  • Soul Capsule “Lady Science (NYC Sunrise)”
  • Kas:st “H.U.M.A.N.”
  • Synthek & Audiolouis “Unwise”
  • Soramimi “Cold Cartilage”
  • Plants Army Revolver “Macao”
  • Ensemble Economique “On the Sand” (con Peter Broderick)
  • Black Hill & Silent Island “The Gathering Of Deer”
  • Meeks “And I Love Her” (cover dei Beatles)


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