La puntata di Backwards di sabato 29.12.2018



Il podcast di Backwards del 29 dicembre 2018.

  • The Church “Destination”
  • Gene Loves Jezebel “Sweet Sweet Rain”
  • Echo & The Bunnymen “The Cutter”
  • Camouflage “Love Is A Shield”
  • The Exploding Boy “London”
  • Jeunesse D’Ivoire “A Gift Of Tears”
  • Yazoo “Happy People”
  • Museum Of Devotion “Devotion”
  • Acid Horse “No Name No Slogan”
  • Lead Into Gold “Faster Than Light”
  • Broken Fabiola “The Wrath Of Truth”
  • In Scherben “Natur Und Sehnsucht”
  • Ebon Lore “Woods”
  • Roses Never Fade “Sickness That Never Sleeps”
  • Sons Of Perdition “In The Air Tonight” (cover di Phil Collins)




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