OverJoy 69

aziz pablo

Torino, Martedì 21 Settembre 2021, OverJoy 69 [S7E1]

Ruff playlist: Satisfied J-Live Looks Is Deceiving The Gladiators Jah Warrior Soldier Anthony Garvey Ises I RasMoses Let Them Fight It Daweh Congo Liberation Riser Concrete Jungle (feat. Julian Marley & Malik Work) Boomerang Love Meta And The Cornerstones Dub Fire Aswad Ice Cream Love Johnny Osbourne Mungo’s Hi Fi  No Wata Down Ting (feat. YT) She Solid Von D feat. Nazamba Universal Love Nucleus Roots Shine Light (feat. Arkaingelle) Sista Habesha  Inflation Johnny Osbourne The Disciples & Cultural Warriors Oh Jah Come Now Vanya O Vibronics  Cascade Ondubground SHAKA ZULU Roots Youths Echoes of Love (Saxophone Solo)  I-Jah Solomon Walk On By

“marijuana give me wisdom to run my kingdom”

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