Quel che resta della notte / 11-04-2021


Hermetic brotherhood of Luxor – double nature of deity

Biblioteca anarchica Disordine – Ci hanno rubato la notte

Nurse with wound – Rock’n Roll Station (Lost Bottle Mix) / Remix – Andrew Liles
*Vanity records, finest selection 78/81

A1 BGM And
A2 Sympathy Nervous Inverted Type
A3 Dada (7) Yuuen Inraku Gaki
A4 Mad Tea Party Hide & Seek (Edit)
A5 RNA Organism* Yes, Every Africa Must Be Free Eternally
A6 Arbeit (3) Bundes Nachrichten Dienst

Sanyawa- alkisah I
Norman westberg & jacek mazurkiewicz- what is good for the goose
Colin stetson & sara neufeld- never where the way she was
9t antiope- nocebo
Ennio morricone- un uomo da rispettare/ folle folle / l’attenato
Birchville cat motel – it’s more fun to compute
Oren ambarchi & robin fox – Standing Mandala
Hiragi fukuda- you should take an umbrella with you
Ongerhood- custer’s return
No neck blues band – mistery tape edited part 1
Timelash – amrita hive forager
Group A – float
Father murphy- how we ended up with feelings of guilt ( happy new year remix )
Senyawa – alkisah II (dalam dua bagian remix)
Throbbing gristle- persusion
Broken penis orchestra – timothy leary dreams in his death in his death bed
*Borgata boredoms/ lato A (Roma est crew )

Hiroshima Rocks Around The Matter Of Facts
Capputtini I’ Lignu* Bite In The Neck Blues
Trans Upper Egypt Rounds
Wolf Anus Valentine’s Day
Sfhhh Last Wanks
Duodenum Spirits In My Bed
Bobsleigh Baby A False Clue
System Hardware Abnormal Webcam Riot

CCC CNC NCN – radio elettromagnetica dead space chamber music – Mari lwyd ( live at st Thomas the martyr)
Saint Abdullah- Pluto’s porn
Samir nasa – Blau

Radio Blackout 105.25

One station against the nation

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