Quel che resta della notte 28/6/20


Riascolta la puntata di Quel che resta della notte del 28 giugno.


Tracklist semicompleta:

Souharce – Twerk de Peter et Marina

Holiday Inn – Nuclear War

Seb Normal – A bad day for a good one

Body Improvement Calendar – The chips are stacked against me

Moor Mother – Wolfsbane/Gifted

Moor Mother – Modecca

Moor Mother – Passing of time

Moor Mother – The myth hold weight

Moor Mother – Master’s clock

Laverno, Patócrata, Traumadol & Tufi Meme – Incertidumbre total (y crisis)

UVB76 – Siji

UVB76 – Horo

Sacred Lodge – Hijos del sol

Opaque – Sama

Mahjun – Les enfants sauvage

Igor Wakhevitch – Materia-prima

Jacques Thollot – Cecile

Red Noise – Sarcelles c’est l’avenir

Richard Youngs – All Day Always On The Plains





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