Takeaway del fouturo #65 15/7/21

Fake Euphoria


Tracklist #62 15/7/21


Cocainejesus – Passing Euphoria
Cocainejesus – Crying in My Evisus
Ayankoko – Pambuko reakt
The Newcomer – Engraved tooth
more eaze feat. claire rousay – progress in therapy
Mechatok – 12 Years
Daniel Ness – I Won I Wanted
Antwood – Trance Pillar
quit life – Total Mind
Bring Me the Horizon – i apologise if you feel something
Hajj – U don’t need to hide urself
500 – Until We Fold into Eachother Again
Uli K & Killavesi – Don’t Look at Me
Deko – phantasy star online (feat. Yameii)
Angel Wei – Nobody Calls Me When I’m Lonely


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