take a walk on the trans side: malormone del 25 gennaio

dal jazz allo sasscore, sviaggione non esaustivo in 30 tracce su musicistuei trans. c’è chi è mortã chi ha appena 18 anni e grandi fuck you per te.
beccatevi la traemzmuzeik, qui sotto la tracklist

slothrust – crockpot
the billy tipton memorial saxophone quartet & drums – vorrei dire due parole
rae bourbon – let me tell you about my operation
1.8.7. – we are not alone
the oozes – blah blah blah
black dresses – sharp halo
wendy carlos – sinfonia to cantata #29
ayesha erotica – sex drive
kermes – pedestrian at best
100 gecs – hand crushed by a mallet
genesis p-orridge and psychic tv – stargods
ashley ninelives – byproducts
throbbing gristle – hot on the heels of love
macintosh plus – ブート
tsuchinoko radio – fuck tha cops
lil summoner – judy jetson
alice gas – i h8 you
vaginal davis & robespierre – queens (make the world go round)
sophiaaaahjkl;8901 – i’m on my period!!!
countersuits – don’t ask
eleonora magnifico – taccagna
pinc louds – hopscotch
backxwash ft. devi mc callion – spells
flower crown me a queen – gay boutique
soft girl – digital boy
cacola – birds
charlie peck – home
doin’ fine – distortion world yung trans g.w.
seeyouspacecowboy – armed with their teeth
anjimile – baby no more

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